Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge June 23, 2012

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for making out wedding incredibly fun.
You guys were really good to us. I appreciate all of your help from
start to finish and beyond. When we were first getting in touch with
you, you were felxible in adjusting our meeting at Barnes and Noble in
order to accomodate our schedule. You guys wer so friendly from
moment one; I knew that we'd be in good hands. During the preparation
I appreciate how you engaged in multiple phone calls with us to make
sure that everything would be just right. At the reception itself,
Steve blew the doors off it. The playlist was so good and so well
mixed; everybody kep saying that they just had to get up and dance
because their song was on. Every song was "that song" for someone and
the dance floor was packed all night. We had a good mix of music and
had our parents out there for a good stretch of time. Steve was
interactive and set a really nice vibe for everyone.

Then, towards the end of the evening, Steve gave us what seemed like
one extra song (but was probably two or three extra songs). I know
that we left after midnight and he definitely stayed longer than the
period of time for which we had compensated him. And then, to top it
off, he went above and beyond by driving to the hotel where we were
staying around 1:00 a.m. to bring a piece of camera equipment left by
the photographer; the photographer was still with us and she was very
grateful for his generosity.

I can't thank you enough. That was such an incredible night.

Steve & Emma Van Dyke